Parenting after divorce is often portrayed as chaotic and difficult. While it does have its challenges, the reality is that it can actually help you become an even better parent than you were before.

One man noted that his marriage was really stressing him out before the divorce, as the relationship fell apart. He constantly felt that tension in his home.

As a result, he felt irritable and he was often short-tempered with his children. He did not enjoy the time he spent with them or really appreciate the role they played in his life. As he said, he did not give them what they deserved. He was too stressed and too caught up in his own life.

After the divorce, he started to really enjoy being a father. He would “revel in the little moments that happen all the time.” He did not get angry with his children or “blow up” because of the little issues and problems that just come up when raising kids. Even though he does not spend as much time with his kids now — they live with his ex some of the time — he said that their relationship is better and he’s closer to them than he was when he was married.Remember, a toxic marriage may not be the best environment for the kids. This is especially true in cases of abuse — which can be physical, emotional or mental — or in cases of domestic violence. It is very important for you to understand all of the legal options you have to create the best life for your kids.